With Win RAR tool you can easily unzip all those files which comes zip when you get. Unzipping any particular file with the help of this Win RAR tool is very easy, you are just to click some few option and then the file will be unzipped after some few seconds. But most of the time when you try to unzip some locked file with the Win RAR tool you will see some errors like you are unable to unzip the zipped file. This is the most irritating part ever you can have, when you want to unzip a file. But for your kind information this issues can be solved by using the amazing RAR password Unlocker.

With the help of RAR Password Unlocker you are able to unlock the password easily while you are unzipping any locked file. So today here in this article I am going to tell you about the amazing features and how to download this amazing tool on your device so that you do not heavy any problems while unzipping any file.

So are you all ready to know about the exciting features of this RAR Password Unlocker too? If yes, then scroll down below to check out some exciting features and steps to download this tool.

[su_heading style=”modern-2-blue” size=”20″ align=”left” margin=”30″]Features of RAR Password Unlocker:[/su_heading]

Here below are the amazing features of RAR Password Unlocker that you need to know before you download this tool on your device.

  1. This RAR password unlocker tool supports all those RAR file created by any of the tools.
  2. RAR Password Unlocker support all multi-core GPU and CPU acceleration.
  3. With this amazing tool you can easily recover the RAR password faster with SSE and many other.
  4. The most amazing features of this tool is that you are getting 3 efficient password attacks.
  5. You can save password recovery easily. If you cannot do then you can also put it to automatic.
  6. After you recover the password shut down your computer automatically and then restart it again after a while.

So, you can see this tool has some great useful features which makes it worth downloading and using. Now, if you are convinced to get this tool, it’s time to check out how to download and install RAR Password Unlocker on your PC easily.

[su_heading style=”flat-blue” size=”20″ align=”left” margin=”30″]How to download and install RAR Password Unlocker?[/su_heading]

In order to download RAR Password Unlocker, you need to click on the link given below. This version is compatible with both 32 and 64 bit.

After downloading the file you need to install it on your PC. But make sure your laptop meet the minimum system requirement in order to install the software. Below I have shared the minimum system requirements for installation, do check out:

Download RAR Password Unlocker

  • The file size is around 12MB.
  • Your system should be on 32 Bit or 64 Bit architecture.
  • Your PC/Laptop should run on Windows XP, 7, 8 or Vista.
  • At least 12MB free disk space and 1 GHz processor or better.

So, these are the minimum requirements in order to run the RAR Password Unlocker tool in your PC easily. These are very basic things which every PC has so you don’t have to worry for it.

[su_heading style=”modern-2-blue” size=”20″ align=”left” margin=”30″]Last words…[/su_heading]

RAR Password Unlocker is a great tool to unlock locked or password protected files easily in no time. So, no more worries about locked ZIP and RAR files as you have the full access to these locked files and enjoy the contents inside. If you have any problem or confusion regarding this tool or any error in installing process then do let us know. If you are using any other alternative software then you can also share with us.


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