Rumours of HP Selling its WebOS Surface Again

Some would say that enthusiastic buyers would not expect WebOS, the infamous operating system that brought the Hewlett-Packard’s downfall a year ago, to be bought by another company. However, analysts are already predicting large companies that would accept the risk for advantages on the long run.

In 2010, Hewlett-Packard Co bought a smaller company, Palm, because it had big plans for its operating system WebOS. Even if WebOS didn’t perform well when Palm integrated it into a new smartphone, HP intended to disregard the failure and to shape up WebOS for the HP Touchpad.

Todd Bradley, executive vice president at H.P., declared that WebOS was “the ideal platform to expand H.P.’s mobility strategy and create a unique H.P. experience spanning multiple mobile connected devices.” The success of the HP tablet was rather modest and relied mainly on the huge price cut. HP’s reported losses at the time were estimated at $332 million.

Now, rumours say that HP is looking for buyers for the unlucky WebOS. It is very unlikely that the company will recover the $1.2 billion paid for Palm and its unlucky OS. A recent Reuters report suggests that the deal could fetch “hundreds of millions of dollars” but still far from the initial price. HP officials reportedly took this decision advised by the financial counsellors at Bank of America, Merrill Lynch.
Although WebOS proved to be less than a successful software platform, to say the least, there could be important companies interested in buying the patents. Rumours point to Oracle Corp as one of the prospective buyers or even Amazon.

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