Samsung beats Apple, becomes World’s Biggest Smartphone Manufacturer

According to a latest report, Samsung beat Apple and became World’s Biggest Smartphone Manufacturer by shipping the highest number of phones worldwide.

In a research conducted by Strategy Analytics, it revealed that Samsung manufactured and shipped around 27.8 Million smartphones in the third quarter of the year. Where as the rivals; Apple and Nokia; could only ship 17.1 and 16.8 million mobile units respectively, during the same period.

Samsung is currently the leading smartphone producer in the world with a total market share of 23.8%. Cupertino based Apple, which has the biggest high-end smartphone market share, only occupies 14.6% while the third leading company Nokia enjoys the smartphone market share of 14.4%.

It is also interesting to note here that all the “Other” smartphone manufacturers still have the significant share of over 47% . These include the companies like RIM, HTC, Motorola, LG and HP.

Here is one table showing the shipments and market share of World’s leading smartphone manufacturers:

Global Smartphone Shipments Quarter 3 2011

Samsung overtook Apple and other leading smartphone manufacturers due to various reasons. Alex Spektor of Strategy Analytics explained, “Samsung’s rise has been driven by a blend of elegant hardware designs, popular Android services, memorable sub-brands and extensive global distribution,”.

It should also be taken into account that Samsung’s most anticipated product Galaxy Tablet was banned in the various countries for patent rights infringement. Still, the South-Korea based company managed to achieve this huge milestone.

It is being said that the main reason behind Samsung’s rise is the diversity of handsets it launched during the last one year. Samsung’s products are designed to target both high and low-end markets. Unlike, Apple which only targets the high-end market and doesn’t offer smartphone for the low-end markets.

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