Samsungs Asks for iPhone 4S’ Source Code

It seems that Samsung can’t leave Apple alone, as this week it legally requested the source codes for the iPhone 4S. This way, Samsung continues its assault on Apple in Australian court, claiming that the iPhone 4S is infringing on three of its wireless patents. Along with the source codes, the Korean team also wants to put its hands on the agreements Apple has signed with the Australian carriers, so they can assess the potential patent infringements.

But Apple doesn’t just sit around without moving a finger to fight back – the American company won an injunction to stop the Galaxy Tab 10.1 from launching in Australia. And things seem to be getting messier and messier in this mobile soap opera.

Samsung’s attorney Cynthia Cochrane stated that since the iPhone 3G was made available in Australia in 2009, the market for every iPhone product has been significant and has led to substantial increase in market share by revenue. And if subsidies are given for the iPhone 4S, there is less to go around for Samsung.

Apple defends its honor by saying that the wireless patents in questions are actually licensed under the international FRAND standard.

Even if Samsung manages to persuade the Australian court to give them the source codes, there’s still little hope of ever getting the iPhone 4S banned. This is a top-selling smartphone we’re talking about and it has been already available for purchase for more than two weeks. It’s known that judges don’t usually pull devices from the shelves.

Samsung has also tried its hand at banning in Japan, France and Italy, but the Milan court denied Samsung’s request, therefore making it very unlikely that the Korean company would succeed in the feud against Apple in Australia.

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