Bootmgr is is a boot sequence manager that was developed by Microsoft. IT was developed as an alternative of NTLDR boot manager in the other versions of windows. It is very necessary for some version of windows OS such as windows Vista, windows 7, windows 8 to start. But sometime due to some problem this manager gets missing which creates problem to start the computer.


There are some ways that may show you that the bootmgr is missing error in your PC. There are some of the common factors that involve for the missing of this bootmgr are as follows.

  • Press any key to restart BootMGR is missing.
  • Couldn’t find BootMGR
  • Press CTRL Alt Del to restart BootMGR is missing.

The message of Bootmgr missing always shows when the computer is powered on, mainly after the Power On Self Test is complete. Initial starting of the window shows the missing of the BOOTMGR. So here in this article I am going to show you how to fix the Bootmgr missing.

Some of the Reasons of Bootmgr Missing:

There are some causes for the error of the Bootmgr, this includes the most common message of bootmgr missing. The corrupt and miss configured files, operating system upgrade, corrupt hard  drive sectors and  an out of date BIOS are the most common factors causing the bootmgr error.

There are some other  reason that you may get with BOOTMGR error is that is the computer is  trying to boot  from the  hard drive of the flash drive that are not that much reliable for booting from. It means that the computer is looking to boot from a non bootable device.

How to fix Bootmgr is Missing?

If you are  getting trouble form this problem and want  to fix the Bootmgr error problem then you can get with the  troubleshooting in the below  section.

For getting your computer fixed  so that you didn’t have  to see the message agin. Then you have to follow the below written steps to fix it.

  • You can restart your PC may  be the Bootmgr error can be a mistake.
  • The optical drives on your  PC  such  as  floppy drives, USB ports can be checked. Sometimes the computer may try to boot from a non bootable source such as external drive.

if you find that this is  the main reason of the error  then you can change the boot order in BIOS. So that the hard drive can be the  first boot device.

  • First you must check the sequence of the BOOT in the BIOS and then see whether the hard drive is listed. If you have more then one drive on your device then the computer may list the other drive first and you may get the BOOTMGR error.
  • You can reset all the internal power cable and internal data. This error can have another reason that your PC has unplugged malfunctioning controller cables or power. You can also replace the SATA or PATA cable if you think it as the fault.
  • By giving it a startup repair you can change any corrupt or missing file including bootmgr. If this solution also didn’t solve your problem then don’t afraid just do the troubleshooting. One of the solutions will hit the target.
  • To the windows partition sector do a new boot partition it any correct any corrupt configuration. Here the partition boot sector is an important area if you had  any issue  with it.
  • Here the data of the boot configuration can be built. An incorrect configured BCD can cause BOOTMGR error message. Here you can fix the hard drives and the other error problems by using these troubleshooting problems.
  • You must be sure that the settings of the BIOS are up to the mark. For that check the drive in BIOS settings. The BIOS settings will let you know about the wrong settings that may cause problem.  If you are not sure enough what to do then use the Auto settings of the BIOS which will change to the default settings provided.
  • Sometimes a outdated BIOS may create these kind of error problems. So try to update the BIOS to the newer version.
  • If you can install at the windows correctly then this kind of problem will not arise. Sometimes the problem arises if the window is not properly installed, for that install it again to get rid of the problem.
  • First you can change the hard drive and after that install windows on your PC. Then it may didn’t show the error. You can try this when the other solutions on this list does not works.

BOOTMGR Error Apply to:

This problem may arise to some of the versions of windows OS such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and vista. The XP OS of Windows does not have bootmgr on it. There is an function similar used in the XP OS that is known as NTLDR and shows the NTLDR is missing error when arises a equivalent problem.


The Bootmgr is  an important software that  is  useful for us while using the computer. But when the missing error problem shows than many of us doesn’t know what to do with this problem. And for those people the above written steps will help you to solve the bootmgr missing error problem. So now one or another step of this list of mine will work and you will get rid of the Bootmgr problem. Now you you can enjoy using computer  without any these kind of  problem.


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