Spotify’s Latest Update Takes Aim At iTunes

Spotify has made some convtroversial decisions in the digital music business today. If you are still unsure about what Spotify is, it’s a very popular music streaming application service inside Europe. The reason the service is only available in Europe is because of the legal aspects to streaming services. And despite not being publicly offered in Apple’s home country yet, it has released an update that appears to be a strike against the iTunes store as well as the application itself.

Today, the company launched their own music store with added iPod syncing capabilities to its desktop program. As well as this, they’ve opened up their iOS and Android apps to free users, so they can sync music to their devices wirelessly (though streaming via the apps still requires a premium account). Free members are also able to get in on the bundled pricing, with downloads priced at £7.99 for 10 songs, £9.99 for 15, £25 for 40, and £50 for 100 tracks.

“From today, Spotify really is the only music player you’ll ever need. Our users don’t want to have to switch between music players, but they do want to take their playlists with them wherever they go, on a wider range of devices, more simply and at a price they can afford. Now we’ve made that possible on one of the world’s most popular consumer devices.”

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