Telegram finally launches End-to-End Encrypted video calling support it seventh Birthday

Nowadays Telegram is popular massing apps for both mobile and computer. It’s launched in August of 2013. Now The Company made an announcement on the day of its seventh anniversary most awaited features video calling. Telegram has received a big update for both Computer and Mobile version that adds the video calling feature.


The video calling features now in beta version but you can enjoy video call safely because the video call feature is end-to-end encrypted so don’t worry about safety. For extra safety company adds a feature, you can confirm your connection by using emoji. Want to know how? To sure your connection 100% just match the four emoji shown on-screen for you and your chat partner, if they match then your connection 100% secured by time-tested encryption.


As we know the video calling features is now in beta version so company promise in the coming days they also deliver more feature and more security. Now the group video calling features not availed now, feature is underworking.

The company said in a statement on Friday, “You can start a video call from your contact’s profile page, and switch video on or off at any time during voice calls”. The full version will be available on its next updated version 7.0.

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