The Royal Wedding “Took Down Twitpic”, But Not For Long

Yesterday was the day of the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton (Now the Duke of Cambridge, and HRH the Duchess of Cambridge, respectively), and boy did the internet know about it. Almost every mainstream news publication was reporting about it, YouTube was streaming the event live across the globe, and most people watching it was tweeting about it. Twitter even increased their server space in preparation for the wedding, but Twitpic (a popular image sharing service for Twitter) thought they could cope with the mass amounts of traffic, which they did for the most part, however Twitpic’s founder Noah Everett posted to Twitter yesterday that his site got “took down for a few minutes”, most probably due to the famous duo of Balcony kisses by the Royal pair – which if you haven’t yet caught a glimpse of, you can see below.

Royal Wedding – Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Balcony Kiss
The Royal Kiss on the famous Buckingham Palace Balcony, image courtesy of BBC News

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