Things Apple Doesn’t Want You to Ask about iPhone 4S

Apple’s star handset, iPhone 4S, performs very well on the market and breaks sales records even from the beginning. As Apple announced, iPhone 4S will have the fastest roll out for an iPhone with about 70 national market opened by the end of this year.

Domestically, iPhone 4S has the widest availability at the carriers an Apple handset ever had. So, everything seems to go well, above expectations. For users planning to tag along the iPhone 4S fan club, there are a few signs of concern, pointed out by eWeek.

1. Battery problems
iphone 4s battery drain problem

Users complained from the very beginning about short life span of their iPhone 4S batteries. Then everybody, users, analysts and more importantly Apple engineers realised that the problem does not rely on the hardware but with iOS 5 and an update was promised to fix the issue. iOS 5.0.1 is apparently in testing and will be available in a matter of weeks.

2. 4G Speeds

The company announced at the time that the new iPhone would be able to deliver 4G speeds on 3G networks. However, the full presentation would have pointed out that 4G speeds are only available on AT&T network. Sprint and Verizon subscribers will have to settle for far lesser speeds.

3. The upcoming iPhone 5
ypcoming iphone 5 slim

Probably the most anticipated iPhone was iPhone 5 that analysts expected to see it presented at Apple’s last two major events. There is still a lot of eagerness related to the elusive features of iPhone 5 and analysts expect to see it soon. The rumor mill might generate a pent-up demand but not for the next months.

4. The camera is not exactly revolutionary
iphone 4s Camera

The improvements from the previous iPhone camera were significant but expected. Already competitors featured 8 MP cameras integrated into their smartphones some of them even better in that regard than iPhone 4S.

5. Android rival smartphones
samsung galaxy s2 android smartphone

Speaking of competitors, some of the Android high end handsets deliver more appealing features than the ones iPhone 4S has. For instance, Galaxy S II, has a great design, big display and a more consumer-friendly price .

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