Top 5 Interesting Google Plus Features

Facebook had competition before and it never looked afraid. But lately things seem to have changed. Facebook has been in trouble since the launching of Google’s shiny and very private social network Google+. But many people remained incredulous and wanted to know what makes Google+ interesting and fresh, before actually making an account. So here’s the list of top features Google+ can bring to your on-line social life.

1. Integration of Google Apps and Google+
Next time you check into Google Apps be sure to check out the “+” icon in the right corner. If you didn’t know, you can now integrate Google Apps inside your Google+ profile.

2. Mobile Support
Because the desire to go on social networks is a significant factor in pushing costumers to actually go to the store and buy a smartphone that will allow them to check their friends’ activity.

3. Mobile photo uploads
Automatically upload photos and videos using the Instant Upload. Instant Upload uploads photos and videos taken with your phone to a private album on Google+. After that it’s easy to share them either from your phone or the web.

4. Google Takeout
The so called “data liberation program” allows users to export their data from a number of Google products. More than that, all the data will be in portable and open formats, so it’s easily imported to other servers quickly and painlessly.

5. Games
Although Google+ is no match to Facebook where games are concerned, but you can find about 20 Games into Google+. A good thing is that they are not in your face, popping up in the form of requests and messages. The popular Google Plus games include Angry Birds, Crime City, Dragons of Atlantis etc.

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