Top 5 of The Day – 13th March

One – “Apple’s EU Stores Down – iPad 2 Pricing On The Way?“
Last night Apple’s EU Store was taken down, we at TechLeash felt it was to update the prices for the iPad 2. We however disagree that the price will be £250.

Two – “TweetDeck Announces New iOS App“
Today TweetDeck announced a new iOS App which would allow for the column to be more flexible, a complete revamp to the App.

Three – “Private Trading Raises Twitter Valuation to $7.7 Billion“
A new valuation has been set for Twitter at $7.7 Billion, Facebook is currently valued at $65 Billion, Twitter is catching up — at a slow rate.

Four – “Dear Apple, Please Copy This Notification System For The iPhone Immediately“
TechCrunch writer MG Siegler who admits he has a strong bias towards Apple suggests that Apple should take on this notification system for the iPhone, opposed to the invasive system in place.

Five – “Microsoft To Pay Nokia Over $1 Billion“
Microsoft are set to pay Finnish company Nokia over $1 Billion, the reason — it will help promote Windows based phones worldwide.

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