Best Browser for mac: Web browsing has become one of the most important task on PC. The best browser for Android or the best browser for Windows cannot be the best browser for Mac. MAC OS has grown to be among the most popular and most loved OS, creating fans all over the world.

If you think speed of web browsing depends “only” on your Internet connection speed then you are totally wrong. When it comes to MAC, there are numerous browsers which allow you to do a lot more than just search the internet. Among hundreds of web browsers, I am showcasing Top 10 Best Browsers For Mac here and, many of them have faster speed than Safari web browser too.

Top 10 free best Browser for mac os

Apple Safari

Safari is the default web browser for Mac OS X that comes as pre-installed web browser for all Mac OS devices. It has RSS integration and a speed dial and bookmark to allow easy access to most viewed web pages. Its interface is undoubtedly stylish and allows for a very fast and smooth browsing experience.

Being the official web browser developed by Apple, it comes with many powerful features. Features like easy social sharing, Speed-dial, iCloud integration to push webpages to your other devices, RSS integration, mac-like interface are some cool features that force every Mac user to install and use this web browser for Mac. However, when used on non-Apple products, some of its features may not work as efficiently as when used on Apple products.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the world’s most popular internet browser which is developed by Google itself. For many of the Mac users, it is the fastest web browser. With minimal interface, uncluttered design, support to thousands of innovative plug-in, fast browsing, powerful rendering, controlling options, etc. are features being loved by millions of Google Chrome lovers.

For Mac, this is unarguably the fastest web browser as consistently rated by most users. With Google updating it every now and then, new and improved features and functionalities like better JavaScript performance, HTML standards compliances and built-in flash rendering engine etc. are added very frequently.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is another best web browser for mac. Mozilla Firefox for Mac OS is the best internet browser that keeps you organized and keeps malware and spyware away. Mozilla Firefox comes with several built-in powerful features that are beneficial for web developers/designers in customizations and tweaking.

Mozilla Firefox prompts the user to choose the information that they can share, making it a browser for privacy-minded individuals. It regularly updates and recommends updates that the user can choose to install. Mozilla Firefox has an ad-blocker restricting annoying ad’s.

Torch Browser

Torch Browser is the most popular sidekick like alternative to Google, as it is based on the same Chromium Project. It supports every chrome extension to endlessly increase its feature, if users want.

It comes with additional features such as social sidebar, torrent support, Torch Music, video download, emoji, etc. It is fast, beautifully designed, secure as well as powerful browser for Mac users.

Opera Browser

Gone are the days when Opera used to be a slow browser with cluttered design. The newest and latest version of the age old Opera browser is based on fast and smooth web browsing and has its origins in the same Chromium project. The most modern versions of Opera have a user-friendly interface that allows the sleek loading of web pages at a high speed.

Opera is safe, and its software is secure from malware and other common internet based attacks on computers. Opera new updates have added features like powerful rendering, server-side compression and Off-Road mode that are built with innovation to speed up the browser for better and faster browsing experience.

Maxthon Web Browser

Maxthon Cloud Browser is yet another powerful web browser for Mac users. Maxthon has everything that you can expect from a full-featured web browser. Maxthon Cloud Browser sets you free due to its latest cloud integrated powerful features that lets you sync, share and manage your files under various operating systems including Mac, iOS, Android, Windows phone and Linux.

There is a full-screen option for you to enjoy even better web browsing experience at your MAC. Most Mac users who use this browser love it for the features which enable easy sharing of documents and files between different devices.

OmniWeb Browser

OminiWeb is a powerful award-winning web browser for Mac users that aims to provide better browsing for everyone. It has a lot of additional features which are not available on many major web browsers for MAC. Powerful security, lots of plugins are other things which will impress you. Limited with startup and navigation speeds, however, it is quite slow when compared to other mainstreams browsers.

OmniWeb severs easy thumbnail of your recently visited websites, you can add any website to the shortcut to browser them later quickly. Webpages are automatically rendered in background to provide fastest web browsing. It has a very powerful security framework and a host of other plug-in.

Flock Web Browser

Flock Web Browser is the other best web browser for mac in our list. If you like Mozilla Firefox then you will like Flock Web Browser. It is based on Firefox 3 technology. It is designed to streamline and emphasize on your interaction with networking sites, RSS and media feeds and blogs.

Through its social network savvy toolbar, it allows you to quickly share webpage, links with your friends on Facebook, tweet them and share photos on Flickr.


RocketMelt is known for its powerful Facebook integration for internet users. You’re required to have a Facebook account in order to enjoy full features of RocketMelt.

It comes with additional features such as social sidebar, torrent support and more.

Camino Web Browser

Camino is another top web browser for your MAC. This is Mac-only web browser with user Mac-like user interface, unlike FireFox, Chrome, etc. which are less Mac friendly.

It has scrollable tab bars, annoyance blocker which blocks unwanted popups and flash ads.

Avant Browser

Avant is Internet Explorer Based Browser  which is a very good and smooth browser in the world having Tabbed Browsing, Zoom functionality Up to 500%. It was a top downloaded browser in year 2007, and beat all the other browsers in 2007. Avant was launched in 2004.Avant browser is a good browser with friendly interface and it has also unique features in it and it does not have any kind of ads or fees. Its speed is similar to IE8, Blocks Pop-up ads, better Search Etc.


SeaMonkey is a free source internet suite that was launched in 2006. SeaMonkey is an open source program which offers developers to do whatever they want and modify it as they want to use it. It is the continuation of the former Mozilla Application Suite, based on the same source code. SeaMonkey one of the most useful internet sites that allows users all kinds of internet browsing features such as web browsing, email sending, chatting etc. You can say it all-in-one internet suite. It’s a goof Experience using SeaMonkey but at the same time speed of this browser may frustrate you at times.


So guys these are Top 10 free best Browser for mac os. Also you will get other best browser for mac from the internet. But all of them these are the best browser for mac. Just download any browser from providing link and enjoy safe, secure and fast browsing. I hope this can be terribly useful for you. If you found this Top 10 free best Browser for mac os article helpful for you then share your comments with us and share this article on social media along with your friends.


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