Truecaller User Data 2019: 29.7 Billion Spam Calls, 8.5 Billion Spam SMS In India

Caller ID app Truecaller reported on Wednesday that 29.7 billion spam calls and 8.5 billion spam text messages were detected last year in India for its users. The Swedish firm has now launched a new Mobile phone app spam behavior tracker to include comprehensive spammer statistics. “Throughout the lives of 240 million (monthly) global active users, Truecaller has been indispensable … Alone in 2019, we found 29.7 billion spam calls and 8.5 billion SMS spam for our Indian consumers.

In India, Truecaller has more than 170 million active monthly users. In a previous survey, the organization reported that in 2019 India was fifth in the number of spam calls received by users a month and eighth in spam SMS. Talking regarding their new update, Truecaller said on Wednesday that they have launched the Android Users Spam Incident Indicator to make contact easier and healthier for all users.

Currently, three trends – spam reports, call activity, and peak calling hours – will be shown to users when they tap on the spammer’s profile image in the app. A future update will show users the stats right in the caller ID itself to help users make the decision before even picking up the call, Truecaller said. The feature will be extended to iOS (iPhone) users in the coming weeks.

Spam statistics show how many times a Truecaller customer has reported a certain number as spam and indicates by percentage how the records indicate whether they rise or decrease. Call patterns may reflect the number of calls received lately by a given telephone number, which could mean how busy a spammer is. Calling time is a time chart which shows when the spammer is most busy, said Truecaller.

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