Twitter Improving Timeline’s Functionality

Twitter has been tacitly scheming a new version of its Timeline feature. This new update will allow users to just click individual tweets in order to expand conversations, all sorts of media and retweets. The new time line, first reported by Patrick Bisch of Pinglio, is also pretty easy to use, just move the cursor over a particular tweet and an “Open” link appears, that can be clicked to expand that tweet.

If the tweet in question has replies to it, it will expand into the full conversation. You can also see how many people retweeted it and its related photos or videos. Until now, Twitter’s timelines have been simple and dry. There are the actual tweets, a time stamp and the source of the tweet. A slider opens on the right of the page to show media and/or replies. That was all. It seems now that Twitter is reconsidering it. There aren’t a lot of evident changes with this timeline, just the fine-tuning of an already simple service.

You may also notice that the star, retweet and reply buttons have been moved to the top right. Twitter is yet to make a statement about these changes; however, some Twitter users already reporting getting the redesigned timeline, but only a few have been picked so far. Twitter is a successful mini-social network, mainly it doesn’t have any worthy competitors. The Timeline redesign will be welcomed by the devoted group of Twitters across the world.

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