U.S Internet rules -The New Internet Order

Net Neutrality has been a hotcake for debators around U.S and therefore restriction on content, websites, platforms and equipment attached are of great concerns in this matter. But finally long awaited rules are being imposed in the U.S. These rules will balance the demand and supply sides, id est, the consumers and the content providers.

These rules were put front by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) last year but they have recently cleared a review by the White House. The new rules impose prohibition on broadband providers from blocking legal content. One of the rule is that the mobile broadband providers will have to disclose their network entirely to the authorities, that is, from network management to performance and characteristics.

These rules are formed in order to protect the openness of the Internet. The rules were published in the Federal Register and will take effect from 20 November. The rules are facing early criticism from MetroPCS and Verizon Communication and may face litigation in Washington D.C.

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