It’s very easy to block someone on Instagram but what if we want to unblock them again? Most of the people don’t know the procedure of unblocking a person in Instagram.

Here I am going to tell you the procedure of how to unblock someone on Instagram. Instagram is a great medium to share your photos and videos. Apart from sharing photos and videos you can have a personal chat through message.

The most irritating thing is when someone irritates us by their messages or sometimes we see many unwanted photos by some users whom we follow on Instagram.


Unfollowing them can get rid of the second problem but it is not a solution to the first problem. The only way to stop this is by blocking the person on Instagram.

How to Unblock Someone on Instagram

Once we block someone on Instagram, the person can’t see our photos or videos, neither can message us. It happens in many cases that we need to unblock the person on Instagram but we don’t know how to do it. You need not to worry about this as you can unblock sometime by following these steps.

 Step 1

To unblock someone you need to open your Instagram account first from which you blocked the user or the page you want to unblock now.

Step 2

You will find the setting icon on the top right corner of your profile. Tap this and the entire setting for this will appear. You need to scroll there unless you get the ‘blocked users’ option.

Step 3

Taping this option wi9ll open the list of all users you have blo9cked currently and before. This list may contain many inactive and some account that don’t exist now. There you need to find the person or the file you want to unblock.

Step 4

Once you get the name of the contact that you want to unblock, you need to tap on it. the account will appear without any photos uploaded photos or videos. In some cases you can get a message saying ‘user not found’ also.

Step 5

Once you get the account without any error, you will see three dots on the top right corner, you need to tap on that, and it will show you the unblock option. Taping the unblocking option will unblock the user.

What to do if the unblocked account is not showing

In case you see the ‘user not found’ option while opening any profile, it simply means either the persons account is either inactive or the person has blocked you. Its also possible in Instagram that you can block someone after the person blocked you. If you are facing any problem in finding the account you want to unblock, you can contact Instagram support to make that account unblocked. If you are unable to view the Instagram account, it also can happen that Instagram has banned that account.

To solve this problem you can tap on the setting option of your Instagram profile and select the ‘report a problem’ option. A message will pop up saying ‘something is not working’ and then you need to mention the user name of the blocked account. The support team of Instagram will review your request and will revert you back in 3 to 4 days. Sometimes it needs more than a week to get a .positive reply from the support team. If this problem ever occurs all you can do is to wait for the positive feedback from the support team.

What will happen when you will unblock someone?

Once you will unblock someone on Instagram you will be able to connect to them unless they blocked you. When you will unblock the person, no notification will be sent to the user and if you want you will be able to check their profile if it not locked  with privacy. If the account is private and you want to follow the account then you can follow or send a request to follow the person.


You can block  anyone on Instagram including the person who blocked you but for this you will be needed some mutual follower else you won’t be able to block a person who blocked you. It is unnecessary to block someone on Instagram. If you don’t like any person or page that you follow you simply can unfollow rather then following them and later on if you feel like you can follow them again.


  1. Thanks for this step by guide to unblock someone on Instagram. I was searching for the same and came across your blog. I liked the way you have expressed your views in the articles. Really informative buddy. I will stay tuned. Thanks once again.


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