We all know that torrent is the best place to download HD movies and videos from the internet. So for download files from torrent we use some Torrent clients such as Bit torrent, UTorrent and more. But there is a problem with the torrent clients do doesn’t let us to preview what we are downloading is real or fake. So before downloading or without downloading a torrent you can watch a video or move for free. If you Want to know “How to Watch Torrent Videos without Downloading” then Roxplayer is the answer. Roxplayer is the best player to stream torrent files before downloading it.

In order to play or watch torrent, videos or movies without downloading you need to download and install ROX Player in your PC and must need a high speed internet connection. In this article we also share how to watch torrent, videos or movies directly online, without downloading on Android smartphone for free. So take a look:

Features of ROX Player

Roxplayer is the latest media player arrived, with very creative and interesting concept of streaming torrent files. The player allows users to watch video files from torrent without actually downloading them on their system. The streaming works for both audio and video files.

  • Integrated network modules allow ROX Player to play files from any place on the Internet.
  • Moreover, you’ll be impressed by variety of supported protocols, including IPTV, DHT, P2P.
  • ROX Player will turn your PC into TV. Enjoy High Definition Video in High Quality Player.

You can install it Windows (XP/Vista/7/8) / Mac.

Stream Torrent Movies/Video to watch/play without downloading

  • At first Download Roxplayer from here (official website) and install it in your system.The installation takes not more than 1 minute of your time.
  • Browse to the File Menu and Click on Open torrent which will certainly additionally reveal 3 various choices to choose the torrent source. In the screenshot below you can see I have actually picked torrent magnet link.
  • Now after clicking the .torrent Magnet Link you will see a dialog where it asks you to paste the link to the Magnet URL.
  • After you have imported torrent file or link, it takes 40-60 seconds to start the stream depends upon your internet speed. So wait few seconds and give the software some times to buffer the file and load the video.

Some tips for better using of RoxPlayer:

  • I’ve tested the player with low amount of seeders – it plays, but takes more time to buffer. The best way is to find torrent file with higher seeders amount to stream the video faster!
  • Rox Player will not stream fake torrents. Use a good verified source to get better qualified files.
  • Rox saves torrent while streaming to your hard drive – if after full preview you wish to watch the movie again then Rox will play it without waiting. You can also copy the downloaded file or delete it. The folder where Rox saves files is defined in Preferences.
  • There is a plugin section: at the moment Rox offers only YIFY Movies plugins – the developer promised to add more very soon.

Watch torrent video/move on Android Smartphone

If you want to Watch free movies & videos or listen to music online then download Torrent Video Player- TVP Free from here and install it. Just open torrent file or magnet link from your favorite browser
and enjoy the show ‒ it plays and downloads at the same time.

  • Find torrent you want to watch (use your favorite torrent tracker or just search in Google)
  • Download and open torrent file or just click on magnet link
  • Wait few minutes while Torrent Video Player buffers the video
  • Enjoy the video! You can pause or seek as usual


Hope this post ends up as informative one. Rox Player is absolutely free that’s why I personally like it very much. Hope you like it too and it works fine at your PC. Another thing I like about the Roxplayer tool is
the option to add YIFY movies plugin that allows you to Browse and watch all YIFY rip movies in excellent DVD, 720p, 1080p. I Hope you like the post How to see Torrent Videos without Downloading. If you have any problem feel free to ask below we will help you.


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