Will We See Windows 8 on Smartphones?

Welcome back to the realm of sweet speculation. Microsoft co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer seems to have caused quite a frenzy at a recent shareholder meeting when he said that the company had broad initiatives driving Windows down to the phone with Windows 8.

But it turns out, it’s not really what he said and a large number of the press and blog community has heard his remarks in very wrong way. Mister Ballmer never intended to say that Windows 8 was coming to the phone, but only that the company was driving Windows down to the phone. Redmond PR team said that he was actually making a statement along the lines of what there’s already publicly stated around providing a consistent experience across various devices but all carrying the Windows name.

Microsoft has stated that one of its goals it to unify the desktop and mobile platforms, but not one Microsoft executive has ever stepped forward to discuss a version of the Windows 8 for handsets.

If the smartphones do start running on Windows 8, it certainly would be easier to port software-like apps between Microsoft devices. A few months ago, Microsoft came out and said that it plans to develop a version of Windows 8 for tablets, and that it would be out of the question to adapt that version to mobile phones as others have done. There are also rumors going around that Samsung or HTC have been secretly working on tablets that will sport Windows 8 too.

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